Having a washing machine in the house may seem like fun and an easier way of doing the laundry, to a few. However, when you consider the huge cost of buying a washer and a dryer, the high water and electricity bills, and the long duration that you will take cleaning one small load after the other, you feel there is a need for an alternative.

This is where we come in…

Coin Wash Laundry in Hamilton is a top-rated Laundromat that provides clean, modern, and high-capacity washers and dryers. Unlike other Laundromats, we have floor to ceiling windows, excellent lighting and security cameras all set in place, so you feel safe and enjoy doing your laundry on our premises.

Laundromat Hamilton

You will find us

Jeff Price, who owns the Laundromat has your interest at heart and this is why he has invested in the best machines, secured the best premises that host Coin Wash Laundry, and made sure that all provisions are always available. You will find us at 1231 Cannon St. East, Hamilton.

Benefits of Using Our Laundromat

Laundromat Hamilton

Our machines are clean, safe, and up to date.

At Coin Wash Laundry, we have made sure that all our machines are clean, modern, and very reliable. You will be able to clean a huge load of laundry at once which can be up to 5 times what an ordinary washer and dryer will handle.

We have invested in high capacity washers and dryers that will make it possible to clean large items such as comforters easily. You no longer have to squeeze your comforter in a washer that is too small or risk ruining it by using substandard cleaning methods. The diverse cleaning options will ensure that every cloth is cleaned according to the right specifications to ensure that they remain in great shape for longer.

You will never have the fear of having the washer or dryer breaking down in the process of washing or drying whenever you come to our Laundromat. This is because we ensure that all our machines are in good working condition so that any time you need to use them, you will do so without any technical difficulties.

We have a change machine.

You do not have to worry about running out of coins when using our Laundromat. We have a change machine where you can easily get coins to use when carrying out your cleaning tasks. We work hard to ensure that the change machine is in great working condition always so that you will get the needed coins at any time you come to our premises.

There is a soap center.

We have a vending machine where you can buy detergents, fabric softeners, and bouncy as well. You no longer have to go through the trouble of carrying detergents from home whenever you come to our Laundromat to do your laundry.

The quality of the detergents sold in our Laundromat is the best to ensure that your experience with us is unmatched. Ours is not just a business but an experience that will make your laundry time more enjoyable.

You will be able to buy our single-use detergent pack that will make the process easier when cleaning your clothes. It will also save you the trouble of carrying cleaning detergent from home where you have to subdivide it according to the number of times will be using the machine.

Your security is guaranteed.

Whenever you come to our Laundromat, you can be assured that you will be carrying out the laundry in a safe environment. We have placed windows that face the streets to ensure that nothing suspicious goes on without notice.

We have security cameras as well! We have gone the extra mile to place security cameras in our Laundromat as a way of ensuring that you will be safe at all times. The doors to our premises are always closed which is another way of making sure that anyone with a bad intention will not find his way to the premises at any time.

There is ample parking.

At Coin Wash Laundry in Hamilton, we have ample parking that is designated for you, our customers. This means you can drive in at your convenience, get your laundry done, and then leave at your convenience.

We have free Wi-Fi.

After loading your clothes in our modern washers and dryers, you can relax, chat or even listen to music online as you wait. We have a free Wi-Fi connection that is accessible to all our customers for as long as they are in our premises. If you are usually short of time to get in touch with friends and family, this is the right time to do so.

Did I forget catching up on that amazing show? You do not have to miss your favorite program simply because you are doing the laundry. Our Laundromat has a high connectivity Wi-Fi that will allow you to stream live shows as you wait.

You can also carry your favorite magazine or novel to enjoy a good read as you wait for the clothes to get cleaned at our Laundromat.

Coin Wash Laundry is always open whenever you need us the most. You can choose to come during off-peak as this is the when most of the machines are not in use and for this reason; you will be done with the cleaning in no time. For instance, you can choose to clean during midday as this is the time when people are engaged in other activities.

If you will be visiting our Laundromat for the first time here are
great tips to help you get a better experience:

Come to the Laundromat during
off-peak hours

Most of the machines in our Laundromat are in high demand during weekends and in the evening and this means you may have to wait longer for your turn. If you need to spend less time, come during midday when most machines are not in use.

  • Inspect the machine before loading your clothes. If there was another person who was using the washer before you, it is important to ensure that he did not leave any of his clothes in the machine. This is likely to happen during peak hours when everyone is waiting for his turn to use the washers and dryers.
Laundromat Hamilton
Laundromat Hamilton
  • We have put measures in place to ensure that all our machines are clean at all times. This will guarantee you of getting your laundry cleaned properly without any incidents of having your clothes torn or discolored.
  • Once you are done with cleaning and drying your clothes at our Laundromat, you will be able to fold them in our premises. We have provided plenty of room to ensure that the folding will be easier and convenient for everyone who will be using our washers and dryers at all times.
Laundromat Hamilton
Laundromat Hamilton
  • Coin Wash Laundry in Hamilton is strategically located to make it easy for you to access it. We have secured our premises and have ensured that every washer and dryer is clean at all times. Ours is not just a laundry business but a place where you will have all your laundry problems sorted in no time. We will take care of keeping the machines in order, making sure that there are enough coins in the change machine, and also ensure that the in case you forgot your detergent, we always have you sorted.

Visit our Laundromat today and have the pleasure of doing your laundry in a clean and safe environment. At Coin Wash Laundry, you are our priority and our delight is the satisfaction of all our customers.

Hours of Operation

Laundromat Hamilton

7AM – 10PM